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Since the mid 1980’s, ABUCK has been involved with solving shelter challenges for cellular communications carriers. Our unique strengths have proven very beneficial to our clients, as ABUCK has grown and evolved into a full service communications contractor.

ABUCK’s Communications division has a long history of working with demanding national carriers throughout the Southeast. Our many clients include Verizon, Sprint, Nextel and Cingular. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, co-location sites, rawland sites, rooftop sites, and design work. We routinely provide services from contract management to electrical/civil and line and antenna work.   In recent years, through our Steel Fabrication division, we have added the ability to fabricate and construct elevated platforms for equipment as well as tower reinforcement for tower stability.

ABUCK also has the ability to provide and install lightweight metal shelters in areas where prefabricated shelters are not feasible. Our site built shelter can be adapted to meet the individual needs of the carrier and site, and we can match existing structures such as brick, stucco and aggregate when architectural requirements dictate the exterior appearance. We have constructed literally hundreds of projects, most with challenging requirements either from accessibility or visibility restraints, where ABUCK was able to successfully complete to the property owner’s satisfaction.

ABUCK provides in house crews for Civil as well as Tower Erection, Antenna and Line Installations, Sweep Testing and PIM Testing, Troubleshooting & Emergency Calls, Tower Mapping, and Tower and Antenna Reinforcement. 

ABUCK continues to investigate new products and new methods that will enable our clients to locate sites that best solves the needs of the consumer well into the future.

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